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Bobcat_Larry Ditto_MG_2096
Collared Peccary_Larry Ditto_70K7865
Common Yellowthroat_Larry Ditto_MG_6577
Curve-billed Thrasher_Larry DittoCurve-billed Thrasher_Larry Ditto_MG_4641
Eastern Cottontail_Larry Ditto_70K0562
Greater Roadrunner_Larry Ditto_70K7283
Green Jay_Larry Ditto_70K1515
Killdeer_Larry Ditto_70K9930
Lark Sparrow_Larry Ditto_MG_6429
Long-billed Thrasher_Larry Ditto_70K7605
Mexican Groundsquirrel_Larry Ditto_MG_4385
Mourning Dove_Larry Ditto_70K7356
Mud Daubber_Larry Ditto_MG_7034
Nine-banded Armadillo_Larry Ditto_70K3497
Northern Bobwhite _Larry Ditto_MG_1800
Northern Cardinal_Larry Ditto_MG_7939
Orb Spider_Larry Ditto_MG_6315
Painted Bunting_Larry Ditto_MG_3570
Rio Grande Leopard Frog_Larry Ditto_70K4015
Roseate Skimmer_Larry Ditto_MG_5118
Verdin_Larry Ditto_MG_4188
Western Coachwhip_MG_4154
White-tailed Deer_Larry Ditto_70K0378

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